Yuxin Poco de Magia de 3x3 Dodecaedro Cubo Mágico IQ Cerebro Velocidad de Rompecabezas educativos cubo magico personalizado Game cube, juguetes

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  • rompecabezas de los niños juguetes educativos: juguetes educativos
  • color: Stickerless
  • Características: Mini
  • Tipo de: Yuxin Poco De Magia Cubo Dodecaedro
  • Advertencia: No
  • Número De Modelo: Yuxin Poco De Magia Cubo Dodecaedro
  • Material: De plástico
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • Nombre De La Marca: ZCUBE
  • bebé rompecabezas de juguete: brinquedos
  • lubricante cubo: total chico
  • fantasia infantil: inteligente feliz
  • cubos mágicos: inteligencia cubo
  • Número De Pedido: megaminx
  • educativos rompecabezas: cubo magico profissional
  • juguetes de niños: cubo mágico de 2016
  • neo cube: brinquedo menino
  • Rango De Edad: 8-11 Años

Nombre del producto : yuxin poco de Magia 3x3x3 Dodecaedro

Cubo Peso Neto : 134.5 g

Altura : 73mm

Dimensión del paquete de la caja : 80mmx80mmx80mm

Ps.Viene montado y bien lubricado y en una caja de papel.

Etiquetas: fidget, biks, cubo megaminx, fidget juguetes adultos del cubo, el precio de los cubos, puzzl, cubo de qiyi, cubo de rubik, cubo educativo, megaminx.


Mr Malik 93
Box was damaged
Alex 69 69
good item, good seller, thanks!!!!!! ++++++
In general, it's a good enough product for the price, it costed me like 5.6 USD with discounts. The quality looks rather medium. The turning is more awkward than I expected, mainly because of the shape. The brand looks different from the pictures. It came with a base. It arrived in 17 days. One problem I have with this is several colors look alike: white/off-white, blue/purple and yellow/light green; so you have to be in a well lit room while solving it. And last but not least, if you want something challenging, look for something else, maybe 4x4 dodecahedron would do, since the 3x3 is really similar to the classic 3x3 Rubik's cube.
very fast delivery.